For a clean area, ready to install 400 sq ft room, a typical time frame to install would be 10-12 hours for an experienced installer.


This process can be used to freshen up your floors and take out some of the dullness and minor scratches in the floors.


Repair work to your floors is always an option. Stained boards can be replaced, certain scratches can be touched up, and dark painted floors can be refinished.


Our company uses a Dustless Sanding System which eliminates 98% of the dust normally made from sanding and refinishing your floors at no extra charge. We employ ECO Friendly solutions.


There are many types of hardwood floors available. Fir, Pine and Bamboo are categorized as a softer floor type. Cumaru, Brazillian Walnut and Brazillian Cherry are categorized as a harder floor.


Many think that carpet or tiles are easier to clean. That simply isn’t so. With a simple mop and the occasional non-aerosol spray the task is done in less than half the time required to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other floor surfaces.

Hardwood Installation

We install new hardwood floors of your choice, using local or exotic wood.
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Sanding & Refinishing

We use Dustless Sanding Tech to keep your house free of allergens and dust.
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Recoating & Sealing

We Seal and Re-coat floors with ECO Friendly, low odor water based finishes.
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Repairs & Restoration

Repair work to your floors is always an option. We use Dustless Sanding Tech and ECO Friendly coating.
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