Dustless Sanding

Our company uses a Dustless Sanding System which eliminates most of the dust normally made from sanding and refinishing your floors at no extra charge.

It is commonly known that when refinishing your floors, dust can get into every crack and crevice: in your ventilation system, between the cracks of your cabinets and onto your dishes and cooking utensils, on the walls of your home causing you weeks of cleaning.
Poor dust control can affect the final appearance, not to mention your everyday health. But there are several ways that these problems can be avoided:

First, before hiring a hardwood flooring professional, ask if they use a dustless sanding system and whether they charge you extra for using it or not. Using this sort of a system will eliminate greatly the amount of dust and finish that lingers into your home for a long time after the job is complete. Keep in mind that dustless sanding does not mean dust free. Yes, 98% of the dust from traditional sanding is eliminated but inevitably, minor surface dust can occur.

Secondly, taking the extra step to seal off the kitchen cabinets and under the doors can help eliminate the amount of dust that goes into the rest of your home. When hiring a refinisher, be sure that they will be using blue painter’s tape to eliminate the chances of peeling the current paint you have on your walls or moldings. Scrap padding, rags, or carpet can be used to seal the bottom of doorways.