Hardwood Flooring Installation

Looking to install new floors? Portland Hardwood Flooring is ready to help you on this journey.
Here are some things to consider and discuss with your Portland Hardwood Flooring Specialist. Do you have carpet that needs removed? Particle board removed? Plywood installed? A vapor barrier installed?
It is very important that your new floor boards acclimate to the temperature of your home. This will minimize the chances of moisture and buckling to occur after installation. Have you installer deliver them a few days before beginning the job.
How long it will take to install? A 400 sq ft clean area room that is ready to install, takes about 10-12 hours for an experienced installer.

Recoating & Resealing

Looking to seal or re-coat your floors? Concerned about the fumes and odors? We have Eco-Friendly, low odor/low VOC, and water-based finish options!
Screen and re-coat is often called “buff and re-coat”. This process freshens up your floors and takes out some of the dullness and minor scratches. Don’t expect a buff and re-coat to take out deep scratches, gauges, or discoloration.
Screening is a quick process and you can typically return home in the evening without a problem. Your Portland Hardwood Flooring Specialist will use a buffing machine and abrade the old finish on your floors. He will then vacuum the area and apply a fresh coat of finish giving your floors their old shine back.
Keep in mind: certain oily cleaners used to clean your floors may affect the way the new finish bonds to the old

Repairs & Restoration

Need some repair work? Talk with your Portland Hardwood Flooring specialist about replacing stained boards, touching up scratches, refinishing dark painted floors, and so much more!
Keep in mind though floors with stain already applied to them can be difficult if not impossible to do touch ups and repair work.
Be aware that when replacing boards and only applying finish to those particular boards, there will be a noticeable difference between the new boards and the existing ones. Time will eventually blend the two together, but the best option would be to have the entire room refinished, so that the seams and finishes are flawless.

Extra Services

Hardwood Floor Repair
Pre‑finished Hardwood Floor Installation
Install & Refinish Stair Treads
Hardwood Floor Repair
Water Damage Repairs
Board Replacement
Custom Staining
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Water-based, Oil-based & Swedish Finishes
Design Consulting
Information & Tell Advice
Product Consulting & Evaluation

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