Our company was founded in 2006 and has been steadily growing ever since.

The question is why is our company the right company for you? What differentiates us from the hundreds of other hardwood flooring companies out there? The answer is simple: it’s not what we do, it’s why we do it.
We take real pride in our projects and as we all know, doing something with passion is what really makes the difference among the professionals. Attention to detail and knowledge of the latest and best products and techniques assure us that the end results are going to please even a critic eye.

Simply put, we enjoy what we do. There is no substitute for that.

We are a small company by choice. Our belief is that every project, small or big, requires the same dedication and quality. As owner, it is my job to be present on all projects to ensure that the quality is there and each customer is happy with the outcome.
We are passionate about the hardwood flooring industry. Be it installing, sanding, finishing, etc, we are constantly researching and studying methods to make your floors as flawless as possible using tried and true methods as they evolve over time.
Providing quality work, being trustworthy and reliable businessmen, keeping your home safe and clean while work is performed are all standard practices for any respectable business. We try to go above and beyond that and participate in different trainings, seminars and workshops not only to keep our company as up to date and as competitive as some of the larger companies, but also because it is a passion that drives us to be able to give each customer as flawless of a floor as possible. Once we’ve completed your floors we’d love your feedback in letting us know if there was anything we could do to better ourselves and our company.

We are Bona Certified (one of the very few here in Oregon) and we are in the process of becoming NWFA certified.

Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to working with you. For on-site pictures and updates check our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We update our tools frequently and we are constantly researching and studying methods and products to make your floors as flawless as possible.

We participate in training, seminars and workshops because it is a passion that drives us to be able to give each customer as flawless of a floor as possible.

– Hardwood Floor Installation
– Hardwood Floor Repair
– Pre-finished Hardwood Floor Installation
– Install and Refinish Stair Treads
– Water Damage Repairs
– Board Replacement
– Hardwood Floor Re-coating, Sealing
– Hardwood Floor Refinishing
– Water-based, Oil-based and Swedish Finishes available
– Custom Staining
– Information and Advise regardless of contracting us
– Product Consulting and Evaluation
– Design Consulting

We commit to building a relationship with our customers by offering professional and quality service at a wholesale price.

We hook up vacuums to our equipment to eliminate dust on all our projects, free of charge making sure that your house stays clean.